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Seal Coating Services in Cumberland, Maine

Improve the curb appeal of your driveway or parking lot with seal coating services from Mainely Pavement Maintenance in Cumberland, Maine. Our seal coating process cannot be matched! We take the time to make sure every parking lot and driveway is properly prepped to ensure that the sealer will adhere properly to the pavement. We use only the latest in sealer products with 4 pounds of sand per gallon to prevent wear and improve traction.

Estimates are always free and we are always happy to provide you with a full list of references.

Benefits of Our Seal Coating Services
 • Beautify Your Property - Restore That "Black as Night" Original Look
 • Prevent Oxidation - Block Out the Damaging Effects of the Sun and Ultraviolet Rays
 • Reduce Spill Damage - Keep Gasoline, Oil, and Jet Fuel Leaks and Spills from Penetrating the Surface
 • Weatherproof Your Asphalt - Protect Against the Number 1 Pavement-Destroying Force: Water
 • Preserve Your Investment - Make Your Property Safer, Cleaner, More Attractive, and Longer Lasting

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