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Crack Sealing in Cumberland, Maine

Say goodbye to bothersome cracks in your pavement with crack sealing services from Mainely Pavement Maintenance of Cumberland, Maine.

Crack Sealing
Studies demonstrate the measurable benefits of preventative maintenance for your asphalt. Periodic crack sealing will greatly extend the life of your pavement. With the skyrocketing costs of asphalt, the case for maintenance has never been stronger. Spend a little now—or a lot later.

Prep Work & Heat Lancing
During this process, compressed air and propane are combined to dry, clean, and remove vegetation from the cracks. This allows the rubber to properly adhere to the side walls of the cracks.

The Sealing Process
Hot rubber is pumped into cracks and a shallow, recessed, overband is left in place. This seal prevents water from entering the sub-base, thereby extending road life.

Heat Lancing - Crack Sealing in Cumberland, ME

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Heat Lancing - Crack Sealing in Cumberland, ME